About me

My name is Ashot Avagyan,
this is why my workshop is called 'Avagyan'!

Why is this text in English? My products have started to raise interest abroad, so I have clients outside Russia.

My old dream has come true, as I have opened my own workshop of designer furniture! Most of all I like one-of-a-kind items, which serve as individual interior articles, making your room design more complete. For instance, an elegant console, which can divide your hall or living room and create a cozy corner in your apartment. Or a wine rack for keeping noble drinks, which should be made of noble wood. Everything should be harmonious!

One of my focus areas is restoration of old wooden furniture. I really enjoy doing it, since restoration gives a new life to long forgotten things and objects.

I play gold and really like this game, so I enjoy creating designs for golf-tournament cups. They can be made of wood, glass and metal. I also create other products for golf-clubs and golf-tournaments, you can see more information in the 'Golf' section.

Welcome to the magic world of wood! My fantasy and hands will help you put into life your most incredible projects.